develop coding and stem skills in the early years

all aboard the coding express!

Inspire learners from age 2 upwards to explore early coding concepts such as sequencing, looping and conditional coding, while developing problem-solving  skills, critical thinking, collaboration, and social and emotional skills.

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It's never too early to learn about stem and coding

With Coding Express young learners can make their train pause, stop, change direction, sound the horn, and more! Taking the familiarity of a train and combining it with the new action bricks, early learners will learn through play about sequencing, looping, conditional coding, and cause and effect by placing the new action bricks within the train’s track. Each action brick creates a specific action allowing for students to test and redesign ways to problem-solve and work together to get their train to its destination. Watch the video opposite to learn more about the Coding Express Action Bricks.

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